Study Update 26-09-14

Today I had a good telephone chat with an agent. I was able to cement some of my beliefs that I am heading on the right track with my studying as well as gain some insight as to what to brush up and focus on next. The main two points that I took away from the chat were.

    1. I need to learn how popular frameworks work, such as Twitter’s Bootstrap and foundation. After the call I went straight to treehouse and found a course that I will take entitled ‘Framework basics‘.
    2. I need to have a place to exhibit examples of my work and code examples. The internet is flooded with places to store your code. Code Pen and JS Fiddle to name two. Utilising the Agents advice I decided to use Github He informed me that it was one of the most popular places where agencies and potential employers will go to find examples of work.. I created a few new repositiories and sycned these with my offline repositiores. feel free to check out my page here.


I have completed Week 0 of CS50x and received back a grade of 100%.