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Andrew Krisson

  • Designer / Developer
    Next.js, Sanity, Tailwind CSS, Vercel

Andrew Krisson was looking for a modern refresh for his personal site and chose me to lead the redesign and rebuild.

Homepage on desktop
Homepage on mobile

Project Kick-off

The project kicked off with a call where I dove into understanding what Andrew envisioned for his revamped website:

Design Process

  1. Wireframing: The journey began with drafting wireframes to outline the site's content and layout at a high level.

    A screenshot of wireframes in Figma
    Wireframing in Figma
  2. Design Exploration: With wireframes as our guide, I explored creative aspects like colors, typography, and refined layout options.

    A screenshot of design exploration in Figma
    Design exploration in Figma
  3. Final Designs: Selecting the most compelling design exploration, I developed high-fidelity designs that detailed the site's visual identity and user experience, embodying Andrew's vision.

    A screenshot of high fidelity designs in Figma
    High fidelity designs in Figma

Throughout each stage, collaboration with Andrew was key, ensuring his vision and requirements were met.

Sanity + Next.js ❤️

For the blog section, I opted for Sanity as the content management system, and it turned out to be an excellent choice, especially when paired with Next.js. This combination allows for a dynamic, fast-loading blog that's a breeze to update and manage.

Screenshot of the blog section
Blog section

I created a custom embedded Sanity Studio, allowing Andrew to manage his content in a more intuitive way.

Screenshot of the custom Sanity Studio
Custom Sanity Studio

Contact form bot protection

I'd like to highlight a key issue with the old site that required special attention during the rebuild: the contact form was constantly hit by spam and bots.

I tackled the problem by integrating Formspark for form management, coupled with Botpoison to thwart bots' attempts at spamming the form. This combination proved to be a formidable defence against unwanted submissions. Since implementing these tools, we've successfully reduced spam emails to zero, marking a significant improvement.

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