Felt Brougham 2014 – New Bike!

Today I received an addition to the family. My Felt Brougham 2014 arrived from wheelies.

IMG_3708  IMG_3709

The instructions for assembly were easy to follow


As a more visual learner, I opted to follow the video tutorial that was accesable via a hand QR code place on the instuctions



Here is a image displaying all of the accessories that were delivered along with the bike.


With speedy next day delivery arriving before 12pm, at this point I couldn’t be more impressed with the service that I had received from Wheelies. And then… I set up the handle bars so that they were correctly aligned, and went to insert the pedals… Hand on a sec, where are the pedals!!!

After contacting Wheelies customer service department. I have been reassured that I will be receiving the pedals before 1pm tomorrow. let’s wait and see.

Over all I am extremely impressed with my insurance claim, the only thing slowing the process down was my indecisiveness. As a final note I just want to say that the customer support and advice from wheelies was second to none.

Here is an image of the (almost) complete bike.