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Create A Google Map With Custom Marker

In this post I am going to show you how to create a Google Map using the API. The Map will have a custom marker, which will feature an info...

JavaScript Detection

In this post I am going to be looking at how to detect if the user has JavaScript enabled. I will then be looking at one method of what to do...

Font awesome sharing icons

See the Pen Font Awesome Social Links by Alex Pamphilon (@apamphilon) on CodePen.

Simple Coin Flipper App

I am pleased to announce my very first Vanilla JavaScript app. You can find the temporary url here.

Study Update 26-09-14

Today I had a good telephone chat with an agent. I was able to cement some of my beliefs that I am heading on the right track with my studying...

My Binary Birthday

101111001000110010100011000110 Working through Harvard’s CS50x. During a lesson on Binary, I thought it would be interesting to convert my birthday to Binary (using a free online Decimal to Binary convertor)

Study Update 18-09-14

I have now finished the ‘Front End Web Develoment’ track over at treehouse. The course was a fantastic way to introduce the world of front end development and has lead to...

Study Update 13-09-14

Well. I don’t like to brag!

Study Update 11-09-14

Just read this on my treehouse home page. It’s good to know that all of the time I have put into studying is seemingly paying off!

Git Basics Course Update

Update: I have now finished the Git Basic course and have learnt most of the most commonly used techniques and functions. I am going to cement my new found knowledge...

Time To Learn Git

Today I have decided to take the plunge and dedicate my study time to learning a Version Control System. I am sure that learning GIT will not only improve my command...

Felt Brougham 2014 – New Bike!

Today I received an addition to the family. My Felt Brougham 2014 arrived from wheelies.    The instructions for assembly were easy to follow As a more visual learner, I opted...